Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Midsummer’s day, 2040, sunbathing

Ryu rolled over on his side. A flimsy blanket did little to alleviate the harshness on bedrock under him.

Why do these people do this to themselves? But there were stranger things to Swedes than lying down on stone and saying it felt good.

A cool wind drew salt to his nostrils, and Ryu was once again reminded of how what they called summer in this strange, northern country, felt more like late April than any decent summer. At least it didn’t rain incessantly like June in Japan, and there wasn’t as much as a trace of the oppressive heat starting in July.

And then there is those infinitely long evenings. But that still lay several hours away.

While the sun didn’t burn as mercilessly as back home, the relative cool made it easy to forget that it was still there. It could give him bad burns, especially this close to the sea.

Just in case Ryu smeared some more sunscreen on arms and legs. He did his stomach and chest as well, but reaching his back was difficult, and Ryu looked around for someone to help him.

Seems I’m alone. Kind of like he had been at the start of their second year. Surrounded by people and yet alone.

He smirked when he remembered. Sis, you idiot, and you tried to keep it a secret as well. He had been so angry, but really, he never had the right to begin with.

Going with the flow felt good right now. Someone else did the organising, in as much as any was needed. It had felt good back then as well, but that time his help had been needed.

Shit, I was so full of myself. Too late to apologise now. But damn, I really owe them big time.

All of a sudden he felt ashamed of what he had done quarter of a century earlier, or rather what he hadn’t done.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Chapter two, 2017, schism, segment ten

The solution to her problem surprised her. Playing rival to Kuri would help her get over Nao quicker. Besides, Urufu needed a distraction, or he’d just keep on moping over Kuri. And it wasn’t as if she was offering her body to him. She’d just kind of make it look that way. At least to Kuri.

Idiot! Moron! You love him so much your eyes water over every time you see him feel bad, and you’re the very reason he feels bad in the first place. The epic stupidity of the two adults stunned her. Noriko couldn’t understand what made people go to such lengths hurting themselves and each other despite being in love.

Anyway, it would be kind of fun teasing her brother. If he wanted to play Kuri’s boyfriend, then he could watch his sister cling to Urufu like a lovesick puppy.

Only one problem. Noriko needed to gather up the guts to do any clinging to begin with. Nestling under Urufu’s arm a bit earlier nearly drained her of all her bravery.

She was still a little awkward around him. Hers had been a major crush after all, two times over, and she did confess rather publicly. Even though she no longer harboured any feelings for him, or at least not any strong ones, she once had.

I hope she understands I’m doing this for her sake. But Noriko knew she might very well earn herself a broken friendship in return.

We’re falling apart. The thought scared her. What could she do to keep her friends? Would it so far that she was forced to choose between them? I refuse to do that. Even if they can’t stand each other every one of them is equally my friend.

What is it?”

Noriko looked up and bit her lower lip. “Nothing Urufu,” she lied.

He frowned and gave her a quizzical stare.

Noriko shrugged, threw a glance in Kuri’s direction and hoped Urufu didn’t notice.

He did. “If you’re planning something funny, just don’t. I don’t need your help to patch us up again.”

Noriko grimaced and met his eyes. Damn, he’s still far more perceptive than an average kid. Guess that comes with experience. “What do you men with patching up?”

Urufu responded by patting her head. A thoroughly condescending gesture she hated, but he bore her no ill will. Had she known why he did it last year she’d jumped with joy. Anything cute needed patting according to him, and a year ago she’d do just about anything to be considered cute in his eyes – which she already was, as she learned later.

But cute was never the same as loved, she thought sourly. Oh, get over it! When he found out Kuri was his age I never stood a chance. Noriko face him squarely and grinned. “As in act as a go between?”

Urufu turned to help a team leader who had arrived with his touch-pad. A few sentences later the problem had gone away. Then he turned back again. “Yes, that would be exactly what I don’t want you to try,” Urufu said.

Don’t worry,” answered, and grinned even more widely. “Just about the last on my mind.” Urufu’s nonplussed expression made her laugh, and all her nervousness went away. “Look,” she said, and hugged his arm. No matter how small her breasts were he had to feel them through their clothes. “Trust me, I’m not doing that.”

For the first time he blushed because of something she had deliberately done to him.

Yes! Victory! she thought. It had nothing to do with Kuri, just that she for once managed to get the upper hand on him.

You know...” Urufu scratched his head. “Eh, Noriko, I promised not to treat you as a child, but you know...” He made an attempt to get out of her grip, but Noriko just squeezed harder. “Noriko, well...”

Yes?” she said and pressed his arms even harder against her chest. “You were saying?”

Noriko, people are watching!” But he made no attempt to free himself.

Watching? Heartbroken little me getting support from my friend?”

The gaze he gave her made her heart jolt. “More like guessing your bra-size,” he said. “Look, Noriko, I’m bad rebound material, OK?”

A little further away Kuri stared at them. Noriko noted how her eyes widened and her mouth twisted in disapproval. Do something if you dislike it!

This was fun, and as far as Noriko knew it really couldn’t backfire any worse than Kuri getting really angry with her, and making Kuri angry would be a victory in itself. She was one of Noriko’s two best friends, and an angry Kuri was a Kuri who showed feelings rather than the ice-queen who had attended school ever since she broke down after dumping the man she loved more than anything else.

A joke, nothing more.

Then Urufu’s arm twisted when another team wanted his help.

The stares she received from the girl who approached Urufu could as well have been daggers, but that mattered little. What did matter was that when Urufu turned Noriko got dragged closer to him, and then his arm moved across her chest, and a sensation of pleasure spread through her body faster than she had imagined possible.

Noriko jumped, but this time her grip on his arm trapped her instead.

She met Kuri’s gaze, and this time it wasn’t filled with disapproval. Kuri’s eyes quickly moved away and searched a head above.

What? She’s staring at Urufu?

Then Noriko, for the first time, knew what jealousy and hate looked like.


This was more than she had bargained for. While she watched Kuri stare at Urufu with open wrath in her face Noriko experienced a surge of sensations. No way! I’m not! But she was. When she clung tighter to Urufu this time it was no longer a joke. Feelings she hadn’t felt since early autumn welled up unbidden.

No no no no! But there was no denying it. She had fallen in love with him twice before. Denying what she felt was like refusing to believe she got wet when it rained.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Chapter two, 2017, schism, segment nine

What the hell? First real walking talking session this year. You arse!

But no matter how much Ryu grumbled he just couldn’t compare what they were doing now to his own attempt just days earlier.

It didn’t help that sis ran Urufu’s errands with a brightness in her eyes that hadn’t been there since Nao cheated on her.

And Nao, you coward, you’ve not shown your face since.

Which technically wasn’t true. His face had shown up more than once. Usually together with Kuri’s, on ads on billboards, television, the Internet and magazines. His fame grew, backlit as it was by Kuri who had stayed the sensation for half a year now.

Kuri,” Ryu started and glanced at his sister.

As every time before Kuri just shook her head. She grabbed his hand and leaned closer. “I’ll be there whenever she wants a shoulder to cry on, but I’m not interfering directly with Nao.”

But they should at least talk, or let me punch his face.”

Kuri smirked and tightened her grip. Her hand was smooth and warm, just about perfect like anything else on her body.

Damn, she’s not listening. Ryu flashed his most winning smile at one of the new members from Irishima High, and got the predictable result in return, plus a small bonus. The girl threw Kuri an uncertain smile.

Ryu looked at his girlfriend just to find out what kind of predatory grin she had served the poor girl, but there was none, just an amused and welcoming smile. OK, that one didn’t work. Let’s push her some more.

What was your name, again?” he asked the girl.

Ryu, really! It’s Chiyo. She’s so cute so you really should remember her name!” Kuri said in mock exasperation and let out a bubbling laughter. It came to an abrupt stop, and Ryu felt her flinch.

Now what? Oh, of course.

That bell like laughter had rung farther than she planned. Further ahead of them Ryu saw Urufu turn, mesmerised by the sound.

Well, you’re an arse, so why don’t you just hurt a little bit more! Ryu tugged Kuri closer, ad for the first time since they agreed on her boyfriend girlfriend deal she tried to pull away.

Crap, I didn’t mean for you to hurt as well.

The thought barely registered when Ryu saw his sister beelining for Urufu. Some problem or another she hadn’t been able to help a team solve, Ryu guessed. Just as she reached her target she threw him and Kuri a measuring look. It quickly turned into an angry stare.

What’s she up to?

Noriko nestled in all the way under Urufu’s arm, and Ryu saw him give her a surprised glance while at the same time typing out some outline on a touch-pad.

Is it really that cold?” Kuri’s voice said.

Both Ryu and Chiyo looked at the show playing out around Urufu. Whatever Noriko had planned, it worked in a way. Urufu’s face no longer displayed pain, but instead it showed discomfort with Noriko’s closeness.

Uh, I think I’ll join Ai-chan,” Chiyo said and made herself scarce.

Ryu followed her back with his eyes until she reached his ex. Damn, goes both ways, I guess, he thought when the familiar lump build in his throat. He wasn’t anywhere near over his former girlfriend. Why did I agree to this stupid set-up in the first place? Ah, yes, Vogue would have forced another boyfriend on her otherwise.

Was that even legal? Ryu doubted it, but then there were a lot of things that weren’t strictly legal, and showbiz, in any of its forms, was infamous for being hard on the girls. Slave contracts his father once explained, and Ryu wondered how he knew. There never was an answer.

Ryu. Ryu! Idiot bro!”

Ryu shook his head and stared at the apparition facing him. “Yes?” he said somewhat belatedly.

Don’t yes me,” his sister said. “Urufu needs the two of you to handle the next station,” she continued and glanced at Kuri.

You really don’t like to see Kuri and me together. Hell, I probably wouldn’t if I were you. “Sure,” he drawled and pretended he disliked being disturbed by his sister.

You,” Noriko said and pointed a finger at Kuri, “had better shape up or I’ll take him from you.”

Huh?” Kuri said.

Even if just for comfort, I’ll take him from you, so get your shit in order and make up with him.”

Language!” Ryu protested.

Shove it, idiot bro! Fix that station and leave Kuri to me.” Noriko growled at him, and for a moment Ryu played with the thought of disobeying her. “You want to see if I’ve mellowed the last year?” Noriko threatened him.

Ryu caved in and made ready to help out with the next station. After he let go he started walking a bit brisker, but he only got a few steps ahead of the girls before he heard his sister again.

Kuri, you can ask Ryu about me. Whenever I really put my mind to something things end up the way I planned.”

What is this? A declaration of war?” And that was Kuri’s voice. It had an edge to it Ryu hadn’t heard for a while.

Kuri, just trust me on this. If you don’t make up with Urufu in a week I’ll make sure he never as much as looks your way again. Your call.” With those words Noriko caught up with him and sprinted ahead of him all the way to where Urufu longed by a stone wall and helped one team with a problem.

This is bad, Ryu thought. Really, really, really bad. Sis is scary whenever she gets that way. She hadn’t, for two years now. That attempted rape scared her from acting too rashly. In a way Ryu felt happy that side of her had been restored. Still bad. She got that part from mom, and dad always backs down whenever she’s in that mood.

Ryu glanced at his girlfriend. Do you have any idea how scary sis can get? he thought when Kuri returned a quizzical look.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Chapter two, 2017, schism, segment eight

Noriko walked a few steps ahead of Urufu and Yukio. In the middle, torn between love and friendship, Kyoko hung as if she was strung up on a rubber band running from the boys to Noriko.

If it had been Kuri you wouldn’t have a problem, Noriko thought. Then she regretted it. That bitterness was unbecoming, and Kyoko had done nothing to deserve it. Noriko silently apologised to her friend in her mind.

What happened? Noriko listened to the boys bantering behind her, or rather the man and the boy. In one year I made the best friends of my life, but it feels like we’re breaking apart. The question remained. What happened?

Noriko, wait for me!”

So you finally solved that puzzle. “Oh, sorry,” Noriko said. She wasn’t, and she wasn’t above teasing Kyoko a little. However, she did wait. When her world broke down both Kyoko and Kuri were there caring for her. Kyoko still was.

When Kyoko caught up to her Noriko had slowed down enough for the boys to overtake them.

How are you?”


I don’t see you smiling much.”

Maybe that was true. Thinking of Nao hurt, and not thinking of him at all was impossible. Noriko clenched her fists and nodded. “Haven’t seen much to make me smile.”

Oh come on!”

Noriko felt a hand grabbing her blazer and turned. Staring at Kyoko’s cardigan she couldn’t but help look at the bust filling it out. Maybe if I had more of those Nao wouldn’t…

They hurt, and they’re not the reason Yukio wants me.” Then Kyoko’s face flared red. “Not the only reason. I mean… oh shut it!”

Oh! I forgot. “You and Yukio. At that resort.”

Yes, and we told you already.”

He saw you?”

Noriko received a glare in return. It would have been scarier if Kyoko’s face hadn’t been beet red.

Of course he did!”

And impossibly enough Kyoko’s face reddened even more.

Hey, girls, what are you...”

Don’t look!”

Don’t look!”

Noriko glanced at Kyoko who had shouted the same demand as her, and they laughed together.

Why can’t...”

Yukio, straight forward.” Urufu’s voice. “No looking. You heard them.” This time it came out strangely muted.

Noriko swore she could hear Urufu stifling a laughter, and the only reason she didn’t see his shoulders shaking must be that oversized blazer of his.

He goes on about how lightweight he is, but here he’s solid. Noriko caught herself staring at Urufu’s back. I watched it when he saved me. And with that thought came the memories of the assault and her crush on the troublesome foreigner with the funny hairdo.

They closed in on the Haven, and Noriko spent some time walking down memory lane. How she had fallen in love once again with the boy who saved her; this time not even knowing it was the same guy, and how she eventually had to give him up, because there was nothing coming between the fiery love burning between him and Kuri.

An arm hugged her closer and Noriko knew Kyoko understood what was going on in her head. Thank you. Kuri might be your best friend, but you’re my best friend.

As they drew closer to the entrance Noriko’s memories chaotically surged around in her head. Nao chasing her, and her rejections of him. Should I have kept rejecting him. I wouldn’t hurt like this if I had. But she wouldn’t have experienced that love neither.

I promised myself I’d never regret what I did.

With some of her self confidence restored she raised her head, tears be damned, and smiled. Her cheeks were a little salty when she licked her lips.

Noriko, how are you?”

Noriko grinned. “Fine.” And strangely enough she was. Remembering how much she had been in love with someone else than Nao made her feel fine. In a way it was like cheating a little on Nao, two timing him in her head if nothing else. Thank you for being there Urufu.

As if she had called out to him he turned and looked at her. She got the strangest of smiles from him. Nothing like the wolfish grin she had wanted for herself. Sadder, and a lot lonelier.

I forgot you’re hurting as well, but you idiot! You did that to yourself.

Then they were at the door, and Yukio pushed it open. Kyoko left Noriko’s side and rushed to her boyfriend.

Noriko brushed her eyes with the back of her hand just as the doorbell jingled. Good thing I don’t waste my time with make-up. It would have been ruined by now.

She pinched her cheeks to give them some colour and went inside.

It was time for Urufu’s show. Noriko wasn’t sure she liked it much, but when it came to understanding what made an organisation tick she trusted him over anyone else, even over her own father.

Mom maybe could match you, but I don’t think so. Noriko sent a silent apology to her mom.

Look who’s here!”

The absent heroes!”

Your benign lord has arrived to grace his subjects,” Urufu shouted.

So you had this side to you as well? Noriko shot him a surprised stare. You really meant what you said about idiot bro being the prince and you the king.

She hardly listened to the jeers. An Urufu she had never seen before drew all of her attention.

You’re not supposed to do that!

He climbed a table, with his shoes on and all, and clapped his hands over his head.

As if you needed to be any taller in the first place!

My loyal subjects, listen to you king. Heed his call!”

From the corner of her eyes Noriko saw students exiting the inner room, Kuri among them. She threw Urufu a long, longing glance before she stared at her feet. Behind her idiot bro arrived, one hand possessively grabbing Kuri’s hand.

Ryu, you’re outmatched. I’ve never before seen anyone shine more brightly than you.

Watch my loyal lieutenants. First among equals,” Urufu called out. “When we’re all gathered like this, what do we do?”

Some of the jeering died down.

What do we do?”

Are you going to lose it now?

You don’t know?”

He had their entire attention now. For a few more seconds, if even that.

Then how lucky you are, because your king does!”

Urufu clapped twice. Yukio dropped his backpack on the table between Urufu’s feet.

Bring out the goods, my good man!”

As you command, my liege.”

Damn you. You prepared it!

Remember your number! Over there! One.” Urufu pointed at Hitomi-chan. “Two, three, four, five, six, and, one, two...”

Kyoko, I envy you. You made the better choice.

And now, my people, we start this year’s first real walking talking session. Yukio, Kyoko, assignments. Noriko, backup. Ryu and Kuri, trim the teams. Jirou, you help our freshmen. Ai, you handle the Irishima crew.”

They’re spellbound. Urufu, you bastard! But she couldn’t help staring at him in admiration, and Noriko, for the first time, understood fully what had once made her fall in love with Urufu. It had been there all the time, but he had hidden it so well.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Chapter two, 2017, schism, segment seven

They lost close to a third of their members within two days after Kareyoshi pulled the plug on the club, or rather the student council did. Well, in reality they lost all of them as they were no longer recognised as a school club.

Ryu looked at the people gathered in the café. Around a hundred of them, including journalists. Kuri had just finished off her defamation speech, and for everyone present their principal seemed like a third reich goon. Tomorrow would see a massive media scandal.

Ryu could understand Kuri’s intense hatred of Kareyoshi. He was an arse after all, and somehow he was involved in the assaults on their friends. Yukio, Kyoko and Urufu had all been physically attacked. Kuri as well, even though she was the only one dodging hospital.

This isn’t a club meeting. She turned it into a press conference.

The worst part was that none of those sent to hospital was there. That had to be Urufu’s fault. Yukio was his best friend, and together they pushed Kyoko into a corner where she had to chose between her best friend and her boyfriend. The result was a given.

That hurt. Ryu could see in Kuri’s eyes how much that hurt. He felt it himself, because more often than not, Noriko was absent as well. It was as if Urufu wanted to tell him and Kuri that if they became a couple, then that would be at the cost of their friends.

Damned dirty way of fighting. But Urufu always played dirty, and he wasn’t even ashamed of it. Efficient, he called it. Dad, is this the way you solve things as well?

Ten members lost, four new gained. Six if you counted Tomasu and Jeniferu. Apart from their two Irishima High newcomers there was a freshman and one junior, both previously from Red Rose Hell. There was a list as well, the red list.

These are the applications from students Kareyoshi paid others to bully,” Kuri said, and she got the expected shouts of outrage.

Kuri, you’re a wonder, but I don’t think you understand just how deeply rooted our antagonism towards Koreans and Chinese are. The uproar would blow over. What happened to non white foreigners wasn’t news at all. As long as the harassed students were non Japanese Asians a lot of the parents would silently applaud the actions.

Then again, with Kuri going up in flames, well you never knew. Urufu once said he might be ruthless, but that Kuri was the dangerous one.

While Kuri continued to pour petrol on the flames Ryu contemplated why he wasn’t more disturbed by Urufu keeping his distance, than he was. Maybe because Urufu was just as much the condescending arrogant arse that he accused Japanese people to be.

With a smirk Ryu amended that thought. Urufu got his daughter killed in Sweden, but that wasn’t the work of some right wing loonies like the insane assaults on Urufu, Yukio and Kyoko.

I’m pretty sure you have your share of the idiots in Sweden as well, Ryu thought. You were just to old to notice it.

In the centre of the café Kuri finished her thinly disguised speech.

Ryu looked at Jirou, who grinned and tapped on his keyboard. They must have gained yet another one or two members. From Irishima High or Himekaizen Ryu didn’t know.

Maybe we won’t lose overall in the end anyway.

Ryu rose from his chair and joined Kuri. He’d promised to show how they belonged together whenever he got a chance, but this time he also represented their club, even though it was an unofficial one.

Two new members? Superb! There are clubs with just two members,” he said and flashed his best smile. That bought them another member. “Don’t be shy. We’d like more members from Irishima High, for balance I say.” Ryu kept his smile glued to his face. The effort got them yet another.

Two cute girls from Irishima High,” Kuri said and laughed. “No male takers?” Her voice rang like bells in the café.

You know, that’s outright unfair.

Unsurprisingly she hooked two boys. Freshmen both.

And it was unfair. Kuri and him working in tandem was a behemoth when it came to recruiting. It worked just as well this year as it had done a year ago.

But it wasn’t fully a year ago, was it. Urufu’s brainchild. Dammit, Urufu, you’re usually so full of yourself, so where the hell are you now?

Jirou shook his head and added the new members. Now, even if another half a dozen left the club, they’d have the numbers needed to continue their activities.

Which mean Urufu was absolutely vital, Ryu noted. Urufu embodied their walking talking sessions. Without the ingenious problems he posited they were worthless.

Ryu saw ho Kuri suddenly grabbed her phone. One moment she was happily chatting with their latest members and giving bland answers to what had to be journalists, the next she stared at her phone with a predatory smile in her face.

Seems he’s not abandoned us,” she said. Her voice broke a little, and the subtle tone of sadness took some of the edge away from her cynical comment. “Ryu, get the tablets. We got some documents from Ulf.

I can organise the walk as long as the material is here. “Yeah, I’ll do that,” Ryu said, and his mood rose several degrees. It didn’t matter that Urufu was an arse. As long as he delivered he wasn’t a total arse.

A hand landed on Ryu’s shoulder. Slender fingers digging in and a moment’s caress. “I miss him as well,” Kuri said, “But you’re my boyfriend now, so please bear with him, will you?”

That was one hell of a way to declare both your love as well as your loyalty. Ryu wasn’t certain he liked it all that much, but Kuri just said that she wouldn’t cheat on him. Guess she can’t forget she got cheated on herself when she was young. The first time.

Sure,” Ryu promised.

A few minutes later he was back from the inner room with an armful of tablets. “Guys, it’s walking talking time!”

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Chapter two, 2017, schism, segment six

Despite everything she had promised herself, calling Ulf still made her heart race.

Christina stared at her phone after their minuscule conversation. Well, conversation in as much as a couple of phrases counted as one.

You’re the one with the magic problem solving skills. That thought was a false hope. She knew that, but Ulf really had managed to come through one way or another. Touch and go a few times, and twice he scared the living daylight out of her.

What do we do now?”

Christina looked over her shoulder. It was Kichirou who had asked the question. “Well, school doesn’t require us students to pick a club.”

But club activities go into the report,” Fumiko said.

There was that, and Christina moved her gaze from Kichirou to the girl who made their problem clear. “I can’t help you with that. For me, personally, I’ll officially join the go home club.”

Officially?” Hideo’s voice carried more than a little concern in it.

Yeah,” Christina said. She downed the last of her coffee. “I don’t have any plans to drop the cultural exchange club. School can’t even take away our club room, because it’s here in the Haven.”

But Ashiga-san might not want to support us now when we’ve been dissolved.” That was, what was his name again? Seiichi Imai, yes, that was it. One of the last to join before they created 9:1 out of the blue.

Christina looked at James. She already knew what he would say, but the rest of the members didn’t know anything about arrivals and that other world.

Ashiga-san will continue to support the club,” James said with a dry smile.

Christina nodded at him. Like the rest of them, or at least every club member present, they were all crammed inside the inner room. For the first time it became apparent that their old classroom was in fact a lot larger.

Well, I guess it was bound to happen. And it sure seemed Kareyoshi’s finally had it. Maybe as a result of her taped interview last night. She had given the green light to send him a copy before it aired tonight. Not that he could stop the broadcast. By now a few million people should have heard how Himekaizen was run by a misogynist racist who condoned bullying.

I’ll stay on as president for another year,” Christina said, but her thoughts were elsewhere. I’ll destroy you!

She even made certain he was properly named. Anything to bait him into dragging her to court for slander. If he did she’d throw in libel for small change as well. By now she had enough dirt on him that if he went public she’d drag him down to hell.

Don’t you think defying the principal is dangerous?”

Principal?” Christina said. “Wasn’t it the student council that pulled the plug?” Officially it was, but everyone knew Kareyoshi had the council in a tight leash. I’m starting to understand why you wanted the two of us to run for the council last autumn, Nakagawa. Not doing so turned out an expensive mistake. Well, with her work schedule she’d be unable to do her duties as a council member anyway.

I’m out,” Saki said.

The Kyoto girl with an ego more overblown than me. Good riddance!

Me as well,” Sho added.

Both students left the room, and Christina watched the door shut after them.

We’ll lose more of them. They’re afraid. “Anyone else?” she said. Making it into a dare game should keep them from dropping out immediately.

The door opened.

If it’s unofficial then it’s not affiliated with Himekaizen, is it?”

Christina stared at the girl who had entered. She wore an Irishima High uniform. Ai’s friend?

No, no I guess it isn’t,” Christina said when the silence became oppressive.

The girl’s face split up in a grin. “Then we’re joining. I heard two spots opened up anyway.”


Another faced peered inside.

Oh! Yeah, Ai’s friend.

And you would be?”

Ogawa Nana.”

Jirou grinned and very dramatically opened up a laptop. “Then I’ll add her to the club, president?”

Eh, yeah, do so,” Christina answered.

Around her the room was stirring with the sound of surprised murmur.

We, you said ‘we’,” Jirou said, and Christina silently thanked the senior.

Hasegawa Ai, 4 – 2, Irishima High.”

Good girl. Class and school and everything,” Jirou said. Irony twinkled in his eyes.

No wonder Sango fell for you, Jirou. You never showed that side before.

Nana’s my classmate,” Ai said. “For your record I mean.”

Jirou grinned. “Sango would be angry with me it it really was for my record,” he said.

I didn’t mean it that way, senpai.”

You do know we only use first names in the club?” Christina broke in. One of the good things Ulf had enforced. Sure, most still added an honorific from time to time, but last names were a distant memory.

No, but that’s not a problem. We’re not that formal among friends anyway.” This time it was Ai who spoke.

Good to see some of that spunk returning. I hated watching you grow so small after you broke up with Ryu. “But Ryu’s mine, just saying,” Christina said. That test was important. Ai wouldn’t be able to spend time with them if that topic was taboo.

The girl flinched, but not much. “Keep him until I want him back. Then I’ll take him from you,” she returned.

Nice one! “You can try.”

Was that just a declaration of war?” Hiroyuki wondered.

How do I handle this one? “No, rather...”

War? Over a boy? Don’t be silly!” Ai interrupted Christina.

It’s all acting, but it’s damned good acting. I respect you. And Christina felt she did. Stupid, why did you let Ryu go? Do you even understand how good for him you were?

So, club activities?” Nana said and broke the stalemate.

Christina stared at the girl. Yeah, I should have guessed you got that kind of friend. “Walking talking,” she said.

Sounds fun, what is it?”

Christina answered the question.

Nana paled.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Chapter two, 2017, schism, segment five

Noriko’s sudden departure the day before hardly came as a surprise. Yukio telling him he was the superhero among morons, however, did.

Ulf wasn’t certain when his best friend grew that kind of backbone, but he noticed how Yukio had matured since they met.

I behaved like an arse back then. Well, it couldn’t be helped. At the time, when he realised how clumsily his words came out, Ulf decided to make it worse. Anything to get Noriko’s mind back on track again. He’d spent two weeks on a bike because his didn’t in time. Part of it never would he suspected. Idiot, you’re an idiot.

Ulf felt the gravel crunch under his loafers. He’d spent club hours at school together with his new English teacher. She was good enough to understand the difference between syntactic and semantic precision, and running an academic level conversation with her was a pleasure.

He helped her create education material that went far beyond the poor joke that served as a substitute for anything useful. The material at school made it clear to him the students weren’t supposed to learn English in the first place – they were supposed to take exams without ever understanding the language.

His teacher in turn pointed out the worst of his mistakes in his attempts at learning Japanese efficiently.

Two linguists, which made two more than the moron who held the principal’s office now.

He had part of that co-produced material in his school bag. It should come in handy during the upcoming session. One of the companies that bought his services had adapted far enough to start grasping the real meaning behind proactive responsive processes. Which mean he needed Yukio and Kyoko.

Cause you just don’t have a clue about how good you’ve become. Especially Yukio was a marvel.

A truth.

Kyoko probably was pretty good as well.

A half truth.

Ulf’s competences didn’t include visual user design, which meant he wasn’t qualified to say whether she was good or not. He just knew his customers loved her representations of his models, which probably meant she was good after all.

Halfway across the school yard he almost, just almost, admitted he’d chosen this specific job because Ryu’s natural leadership wasn’t needed, and hence Ulf didn’t have to spend time around Christina’s new boyfriend.

Damn, am I a kid, or what? But jealousy wasn’t rational, and he was very much jealous. Seeing them together made him want to puke.

When Ulf reached the bike stands he remembered that he left his bike outside the old mall. With him avoiding club hours as much as possible he’d taken up habits of old, and those included walking to school from the mall. Habits from before I met her.

That was a quarter of an hour on foot. Yukio and Kyoko would be waiting for him in the café.

He left school, walked beneath the sakura and followed the road. Soon he came to the stretch that led to Irishima High, and sure enough he met the occasional students from there on their way home.

This year they didn’t give him strange looks and giggles, but then this year he didn’t pretend to be a member of geek squad. Returning to that persona was alluring, but it wouldn’t work now. Too many knew him.

A sudden gust of wind guided him to the low wall where he got drenched together with Yukio last summer, and wasn’t it somewhere around here they met Ai the first time? Ulf briefly wondered what had happened to her. Some of the club members said she showed up at the Haven together with her friends occasionally.

Then he got to the last corner and saw the mall ahead. That sight, walking on foot, brought more memories to him. There had been a time, after he found the Stockholm Haven café, but before they finally abandoned the one in the mall, which mean there had been a time when Christina spent time here as well.

Ulf grimaced at the thought. He’d been too busy with a manhunt to give her the attention she needed, and deserved. With a smirk he corrected that thought a little. He’d been too afraid of falling in love with her, even though he already had by that time.

I really am an idiot, am I not? He sighed. Well, I pushed her into a corner, and she broke up. Any healthy person would.

Should he have told her he loved her? Probably. He never waited over half a year doing so with any other girl, or in Maria’s case, woman. Christina’s as well, if he was to be honest. And while being honest; he never left wife and kids behind before neither.

His feet brought him to the bike, and he quickly checked it for any damage, but here in Japan vandalism was all but unthinkable, and the bike was as shiny clean as when he left it in the morning.

Thinning traffic signalled the end of evening rush hour, and Ulf shouldered his bag and went inside.

The stairs he’d climbed so many times last year took him to the second floor. Yukio waved from their old table, and Ulf waved back. Then he did his usual, stupid semi circle walk towards the counter, but even though Yukio shook his head none of the waitresses showed any sign of recognition.

New staff, I guess.

They had little more than an hour before they needed to leave for a nearby office building. That should be enough time to put the finishing touches to his presentation, especially given Yukio’s scary ability to ruthlessly cut away everything non-essential.

Ready when you are,” Kyoko greeted him.

As if by magic a waitress materialised by the table, and Ulf placed his usual order. Yukio and Kyoko were already halfway through theirs.

Ulf was about to dig up a laptop when his phone suddenly danced around in his pocket. A little bit dumbfounded Ulf grabbed it and looked at the screen.


She hadn’t called even once since she broke up with him, and Ulf wondered what could possibly be the reason for a call now. His heart beat furiously when he took the call. No matter how grown up he was childish fantasies and wishful dreams played in his mind.

Ulf Hammargren,” he said, and cursed himself for being so formal.

Christina’s call amounted to one sentence only. Ulf listened to it, said bye and killed the call. Then he looked up and met Yukio’s and Kyoko’s quizzical looks.

I have to tell them. “Guys, we have a problem.”