Friday, 16 October 2015

Wattpad and reads

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother. The number of reads I receive on Wattpad is close to zero. But then I remember that it's the place with the best reader interface -- not that a measurable number of people use it as far as my stories are concerned.

The best site in terms of reads for me is Inkspired. All my stories, including the short, get hit more or less every day.

Second to that site is RoyalRoadl with a decent readership.

This blog only comes in at third place.

I've abandoned Jukepop and Inkitt as feeding a zero readership on sites with only average quality reading-tools seems like a total waste of effort.

And then there is Wattpad again. Probably the largest of all publishing sites. It's got a neat community for writers, and as far as I go it seems to be the primary benefit. I can test passages.

But reads...

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