Saturday, 5 December 2015

Chapter three (segment twelve), 2016, October, Kyoko

Kyoko grinned when she was announced as fifth place together with one of the third year boys. Noriko beat her with less than a ten vote margin and lined up beside the other third year.

Hitomi-chan fidgeted uncomfortably when it was clear she wasn't partnered with anyone. Urufu apparently timed his absence superbly to miss out on receiving his third place prize.

The junior took second place with a solid margin to Hitomi-chan, and the cheering from the audience told Kyoko how popular she was among her fellow second years. Ryu smiled shamefacedly when he was announced as the runner up and joined the grinning second year girl.

A wave of roaring sound rolled in over the stage when Nao-sempai and Kuri-chan entered the scene. Kyoko guessed last day's fashion show decided the results, because both won their respective first place by a margin so large it wasn't even funny.

Urufu, that was nasty of you. Hitomi-chan didn't deserve to stand here alone.

Truth be told Kyoko felt a little bit betrayed. After a scowl she made up her mind and twisted those feelings into something good. If Urufu didn't think this was important enough for him to drag his lazy arse here then she could spend the next twenty minutes together with Yukio watching the band.

In front of her Noriko turned and faced Kyoko. “Where's Urufu?” she shouted.

Kyoko shrugged with both palms out. She had learned the outlandish gesture from Kuri-chan, and by now most of the club members used it jokingly whenever they were clueless.

Noriko smirked and shook her head before facing the audience again. Any longer conversations were impossible with the thundering cheers drowning all other sound.

Ah, I like your kindness! Kyoko thought when Ryu caught Hitomi-chan's hand and greeted the crowd sandwiched between two girls. I wish you find someone for yourself.

She couldn't see Hitomi-chan's face, but Kyoko noticed how the left wing beauty stood straighter after Ryu's gesture.

I'll chew your face off for this, Urufu. Yukio and I both will. He could have as much problems understanding girls as he wanted, but what he had just done was just inconsiderate.

She felt bad for Hitomi-chan, and when the ceremony was over she hurried backstage and turned off her radio. Yukio smiled at her all the time and she grabbed his hand and followed him into the crowd.

“Watch the band with me?” she said, putting her lips close enough to his ear that it counted as a kiss.

He nodded back at her and led her through a mass of bodies. They couldn't go too far away or they wouldn't make it back in time for the fashion show. Both she and Yukio had small parts to play in it.

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