Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Chapter five (segment four), 2016, October, Christina

“Yes, I like my high school very much. Himekaizen is so much fun,” Christina said and giggled inanely.

The anchor gave her a pained but professional smile in return. Most likely the woman had seen more than her fair share of beautiful airheads flaring into fame just to be forgotten half a year later.

Well, you're going to remember this interview, Christina thought. You fired first and I'm responding with heavy artillery.

“Is there something special that makes you like your school that much?” the anchor asked.

Christina stared into two uninterested eyes facing her. This is where you expect yet another brain-dead answer.

“Yes, as I'm a foreigner I'm very happy my school doesn't tolerate racism the way Red Rose Academy does,” she said and made her face light up in a wide grin. Christina knew it made her look stunning, and it offered the anchor an opportunity to gloss over the uncomfortable message.

“I’m happy that you have found a school to your liking,” the anchor said and didn’t look happy at all. Her smile hardly reached her eyes.

They quickly moved on to Christina’s model career and she made an effort to balance between being an airhead and a professional model. Christina had to keep her persona as the billion dollar empress in check, because it was one thing to stride down the catwalk as haughty royalty and a totally different one scaring away a television audience who thrived on cuteness.

After the talk show Christina changed into her baggy incognito set of clothes after checking for needles and other booby traps as usual. She found nothing, and hadn’t really expected to here at a television studio, but better safe than sorry.

When she left the studio she walked to the bike stand where her body guard stood waiting patiently. But for the attack on Ulf her agency would have dropped him by now. After the assault there was no way she’d have her privacy back.

“Pleasant evening?” Christina offered.

“Yes miss,” her bodyguard answered. Nothing in his voice indicated whether he found anything pleasant or not.

Christina shrugged and mounted her bike. She plugged in the earpiece to her headset and dialled one of her newfound contacts in the computer club. After a few rumbling sounds, ‘ringtones’ didn’t really describe the feeling of ringing someone in Japan, he picked up.

“Ageruman here,” she said. They had agreed she’d announce herself even though he saw her contact information when she called. Just in case anyone stole her cell.

For once she didn’t care if the paid muscle heard her conversation or not. She was embarking on a dirty smear-campaign and any kind of rumour-mongering would further her case.

“I’ve dropped the bomb on the show,” Christina said.

“They could edit it out.”

“Yeah, and break the contract. Costly, dangerous and they’ll never see a teen model on their show again.” Christina didn’t know if the penalty would really stretch that far, but her contact at Uniclo, Alice Kerringer, had pulled some strings of her own.

“In don’t believe you,” came the response.

Computer geek and a coward. Immediately after that thought Christina felt ashamed of herself. She did this to avenge Ulf, and he started out his professional life as a computer geek himself. “At the moment I’m Uniclo’s little mascot and I told my contact there what could happen to their Korean and Chinese market if they glossed this over.”

“Why should I care about Koreans and Chinese?”

Just because we don’t accept that kind of behaviour at Himekaizen doesn’t mean there aren’t anyone who thinks that way. “Would you care to repeat that for me?” Christina said and made an effort to lace her voice with the next ice age.

“Sorry Ageruman-san. I apologise. That was uncalled for.”

Uncalled for, my arse. You’ll be ostracised until graduation if I want. “I don’t mind, but I’m certain Hamarugen-san would be unhappy if he heard you say those things,” she said instead and felt her stomach cramp at the lie. She cared very much. You didn’t build a global fashion empire if you truly believed in eugenics.

“Ah, sorry. My bad.”

Your bad indeed. Ulf had garnered his fair share of adoration in the computer club after he ran some kind of tech seminar there a few weeks ago.

“Anyway, the show goes live tomorrow at five pm. Could you start those voices of indignation from half past five?”

“Sure, and you're certain you only want those sites seeded?”

Christina nodded as she biked. “Yeah. I'll give you a new list and a new starting hour later.”

He only needed the list. Explaining demographics would take too long. Explaining how she happened to know exactly where that TV-channel made an impact was impossible, and she didn't really know. Christina gambled on the demographics being mostly the same in this world as in her old one. She'd make certain the ugly rumours about Red Rose reached other local communities like rings on the water.

Next on her agenda was setting up a live protest. One that could be traced back to 9:1 but no further. After that a few well placed libelous newspaper articles. As far as she knew the right wing loonies at Red Rose would take the bait, and Christina already had Noriko's consent to detonate the real bomb.

Sorry Ulf, but I won't let him stay peacefully in his grave. She'd use the evidence on the suicide victim, because that evidence included damning photos on two teachers and the principal of Red Rose. When I'm done with you arseholes you're going belly up. Not even right wing loony parents will place their kids there.

Christina used the time at a red light to place another phonecall and continued her smear campaign.

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