Friday, 27 May 2016

Chapter two (segment five), 2016, December, Christina

Christina stood waiting in the foyer to her apartment complex. Hers since less than a month. Her luxury living and her prison.

Outside the car chauffeured by someone on Vogue's payroll stood parked on the other side of the street.

Damn, I was so smart I fooled myself, she had time to think before her worries about whatever plans Ulf's guardian had in mind took command.

'We'll celebrate Christmas at my place,' Ulf had promised.

She wasn't clear how he thought he could manage that. Her bodyguard, the very same who had followed her like an obedient dog the last months had taken position by the doors, but he was unlikely to prevent her from leaving. The main problem was the security attached to that car.

Looking at her smart-phone Christina saw how morning marched towards noon, and soon Sato-sensei would be here to pick her up. Christina didn't really understand how she thought she'd manage to bypass security, but then Ulf guardian could be really scary when she put her mind to it.

To hide her nervousness Christina walked to a mirror by the elevators and examined herself. Dolled up for certain, but not too gaudy. She hoped she hadn't overdone it. Just enough to show respect for a home you entered for the first time was what she had in mind. A good plan in theory, but a plan based on the life experiences of the Princess of Scandinavia and the Billion Dollar Empress. How did normal people dress up?

Just get here and we'll see if I can get away from this place.

She twirled and gave her appearance another look. Probably too gaudy after all, but Christina refused to give in to her fears and return to her flat just to change clothes yet another time.

Come on, she thought and shot a glance through the windows. Seeing nothing she dared leaving the building. If she cooled down outside maybe the worst of her nervousness would abate.

Three steps, only three steps she managed to walk outside before her bodyguard filed up behind her, and another four until a rear door opened and another personnel security specialist left the car. That translated to an expensive bodyguard.

Are you for real? But they were. She believed her old bodyguard might sympathise with her. He'd probably just insist on tagging along to Ulf's home and wait for her there. Vogue's goons were different though.

Then, finally, a car Christina recognised arrived and came to a stop on her side of the street. After a few moments both Ulf and Sato-sensei left it. Ulf went to the rear and opened the trunk and Sato-sensei walked towards Christina with a smile on her face.


Christina nodded but looked at the gorilla crossing the street to intercept Ulf's guardian.

Urufu, get her luggage, will you?”

Yes mother dear,” he answered.

Did you fight on the way here? Christina had heard about the reason for him to be that polite. Experienced it as well that day when she was attacked in her home.

Mrs, she'll ride with us wherever she's going,” the gorilla announced.

Sato-sensei gave him a scathing glare. “I think not. She's my guest and she'll go with me.”

I'm afraid I cannot allow that,” he said and pumped up his chest in what probably was supposed to be a threatening pose.

That's none of my concern. Leave now!”

I cannot do that, Mrs?”

That would be 'I cannot do that, Lieutenant Colonel' for you. Dismissed!”

Christina realised she was throwing glances at them both and moving her head as if she was watching a tennis match. When she accepted she was at a total loss as for what to do Ulf came up behind Sato-sensei and grabbed her luggage.

Tag along,” he said. “Mother dear will handle this.”

From the corner of her eye Christina saw that Ulf's guardian sported an earpiece, and then they passed her and walked towards the car Ulf had arrived in. The gorilla intercepted them both and made a grab for Christina before Ulf stepped in between them.

Fuck off kid!”

That was the only thing the suited man had a chance to say before he sagged and was led back to the street by Ulf like a drunk.

I've heard rumours. I didn't think they were true. There was something with the way Ulf held one arm of the would be assaulter.

Ageruman-san, would you want help with that?” That voice came from her bodyguard before he lifted her luggage and dropped it in the trunk. “May I assume your destination is his home?” he asked and pointed at Ulf who was busy throwing the gorilla into the street.

Mutely Christina nodded.

If you excuse me I'll get a transport there, Please don't leave without contacting me.”

Christina nodded again. “No, no I won't do that.”

Behind her she heard Sato-sensei calling for what had to be some kind of uniformed support. The overblown lies about an unprovoked assault by possible yakuza members made Christina cringe, but by now it was absolutely clear that the Vogue security detail would be impounded very soon.

She shook her head and walked the last steps to the car. Grinning wildly she opened a rear door and took her place in the back seat. It seemed like she would be able to celebrate Christmas after all.

Stop playing with him!” Sato-sensei's voice shouted from outside the car. It had to be a reference to whatever manhandling Ulf was guilty of.

I'll get you for this you fuck!” That also came from the outside.

Then Christina saw how two police cars arrived and came to a stop, and the shouting ceased.

Note to self, don't make Sato-sensei angry, Christina thought, but then she grinned and hugged herself. Christmas with Ulf. Yes!

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