Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The power of visibility

I've uploaded Transition and Restart to a number of sites catering to web novels in different formats.

It didn't take long until I saw how you basically need to be popular (locally) in order to become popular. That catch 22 situation is best described as 'being lucky'.

As can be seen on the top six list on GetInkspired I got lucky, and those four titles have been sitting there since October 2015 or so.

One site where Transition and Restart is a major mismatch given the average demographics is RoyalRoadLegends, where my story has lived a life with very few views compared to the average. Well, it still does. The first book managed to collect an average of around 500 views per chapter from August 2015 to May 2016, which is pretty bad performance.

Enter one review that climbed into the toplist of reviews. In less than two weeks that volume climbed to a bit above 700 views per chapter, which still represents a pretty poor performance. However, compared to its prior performance that's a rather steep climb, which goes to prove how important visibility is to garner visibility.

I expect the number of new views per chapter to drop down to one or two per week immediately following that review dropping out of the toplist.

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