Thursday, 9 July 2015

Chapter two done

The last chunk concludes chapter two. I have added the full chapter as a page.

As usual I advice you to read it on wattpad, even if it comes at a cost of a one day delay.

I've decided to post all of chapter three (book two) before I start working on editing what's already posted. That edit will affect all of book one. While nothing in the story as such will change I will adress some issues that have surfaced from reader input. Those changes will only show in the full chapters here, but I will migrate those changes to the serial installation on wattpad, and possibly on getinkspired as well.

Those edits will implement have two results. The obvious one is that the running (old) posts here will no longer reflect the 'official' text. The other is that I'll drop some of the stylistic 'rules' for Light Novels. While Transition and Restart will continue to be heavy on dialogue, I'm inserting exposition to a degree where the text reads more like what a westerner (reader of English) would expect.

For those of you who prefer the talking heads style, I apologise. For the rest, I'm very grateful for the input that points in the direction I'm taking. Those stylistic changes should aready show in book two.

Lastly, when I start publishing book three I'll do a similar edit to book two. It seems I've lost control of the pacing in the story to the degree where it's hard to understand what's happening. You'll have to roll with it for the time being. Sorry about that.

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