Thursday, 9 July 2015

Interfering story

Frays will be given a few minor edits while I upload it here. I hadn't planned to give the novel any more thought, but while giving it a last proofreading I saw some narrative parts which could have been done better from the beginning.

Now those small changes call for attention later in the book, and it seems I'll have to revise one the fly.

This might result in me having to stop publishing daily, and it most certainly interferes with the publishing schedule for Transition. I'll see how I handle this and let you know.

What's the meaning of the above? Well, it's what I had to post at Wattpad when I realised I was heading into editing mode for one of my old novels, Frays in the Weave.

In one way or another that editing time will have to come from somewhere, and somewhere is when I'm writing Transition and Restart. I'm not entirely clear how to juggle this dilemma. Vacation helps, but it's still a substantial amount of work.

Most likely I'll do a refactoring of Transition while at it, and if so my posting schedule will be halved. Every second day.

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