Thursday, 2 April 2015

First introduction

So, what the hell am I up to?
I've enjoyed anime and manga for a while now – translated into English. My entire Japanese vocabulary could be recited by an elementary school kid in a minute or two. To make things worse, if I were to encounter said vocabulary in writing I'd have to cut a stiff 90 percent out. That leaves me with a grand total of written words in the low two digits.
So, creating an Anime? Sorry. I'm not made of money (not to mention competence).
Drawing a manga? I'm pretty certain there are clauses in the Geneva Convention protecting the general population from the likes of me creating graphic arts, or music for that matter.
That kind of leaves me with writing. And writing shouldn't pose any major problems. Unless if it wasn't for English being a foreign language to me. Granted, we're supposedly good at English here in Sweden, but supposedly good is a far cry from true fluency. Still, that's the tool I have available.
The closest I can get to expressing what I experience from anime shows and manga would be what's labeled light novels. They seem to be novellas framed by a style aimed at a younger Japanese audience. I've read a few translations. I'm neither Japanese enough, nor young enough, to fully appreciate it.
However… It would be fun to try it out.

Any literary or linguistic atrocities are entirely my own. Whatever merits my story may have are the results of stealing a good concept or five, and tweak it lovingly with a sledgehammer so that it attains a shape of its own.

Oh, I forgot to mention that this is a double experiment. I don't have a fan-base. I'm interested in finding out if something this obscure can filter its way out there or not.

Update ratio? Expect some actual content weekly or bi-weekly. Chunks will be shorter than an actual chapter. 10K words a week would constitute full time writing, and that just ain't happening. A few K words, nothing more.
My own commentary may pop up more often.

Genre? Romance, definitely, and I guess it counts as a high school story. I'm a bit more uncertain about the demographics. Josei or Seinen if I guess as part of the story is rather gritty, and those romantically involved most definitely have sexual desires, even though my writing really isn't all that explicit.
Oh, and supernatural/sci-fi (I have yet to make up my mind about the underlying reason for the impossible).

There's also an adventure/mystery/thriller -story running parallel with the romance. After all, if something is impossible it only makes sense for the main cast to try to find out how the impossible came to be.

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