Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Introducing the cast and setting the game

Given that I'll use an ensemble cast I believe I had better introduce all the main characters as early as possible. At the same time there's a need to set the game. Basically to present the hook that tweaks this story into its very own direction.

In a full length novel you would normally allow a few chapters to pass before everything is in place, but the manga/anime I've enjoyed dumps just about everything important as quickly as possible. At least everything important that isn't introduced out of the blue two thirds into the story.

Anyway, I'll adhere to that narrative trope. Basically I guess I'm signing some kind of contract with a younger reader, stating in the first chapter: This is the kind story you'll read, and these are the characters.

And about tropes. I plan to include all of them, unless I forget a few. Some I'll subvert, but they should be there. A high school romance comedy/drama with a mystery side story apparently needs love confessions, poor communication skills, girls falling down stairs (well almost falling, because the love interest is always handily there to catch them before they crash into the stone floor a flight down), love triangles, character backgrounds interfering with their love life, bullying, dates in casual clothes, parents interfering, powerful and corrupt people interfering, and, and, and.

I'll have time to play around with them all.

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