Sunday, 12 April 2015

The main cast

Having introduced the main cast, even though a couple of them have yet to receive their own time in the lime light, it's time to formally introduce them.

This is something I often see as a recurring piece of information in manga, but I don't know to what extent it is done in light novels.
Anyway, the introduction also serves to mitigate the impact of how the characters are named in the story. First names, last names and nicknames mixed together depending on who is doing the naming could become bewildering to say the least.

Numerical data given for fully adult versions of the characters. During their first year they're obviously somewhat shorter and weigh slightly less.

Full name: Ulf Hammargren.
Height: 181
Weight: 68
Hair: Dark brown (later black)
Called Urufu or Urufu-kun by his friends and Hamarugen-san by others.
Official name Hamarugen Urufu
Observe the standard western style for writing the original name.
Class 6:1

Full Name: Christina Agerman
Height: 177
Weight: 59
Hair: Golden blond
Called Kuri-chan or Kuri-san by her friends and Ageruman-san by others.
Official name Ageruman Kuritina
Observe the standard western style for writing the original name.
Class 3:1

Full name: Wakayama Ryu
Height: 175
Weight: 63
Hair:Short, black
Younger twin brother.
Called Ryu or Ryu-kun by his friends and Wakayama-san by others
Class 3:1

Full name: Wakayama Noriko
Height: 153
Weight: 40
Hair: Black
Older twin sister
Called Nori-chan or Riko-chan by her closest friends
Sometimes called Noriko-chan
Called Wakayama-san by others
Class 3:1

Full name: Takeida Kyoko
Height: 160
Weight: 52
Hair: Shoulder long, black
Originally Christina's best friend
Called Ko-chan by Christina
Called Kyoko-chan by her friends and Takeida-san by others
Class 3:1

Full Name Matsumoto Yukio
Height: 169
Weight: 60
Hair: Black
Originally Ulf's best friend
Called Yu-kun by his friends, sometimes Yukio-kun. Called Matsumoto-san by others.
Class 6:1

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