Saturday, 30 May 2015

Chapter five (segment fourteen), twenty four years earlier, June, Ulf

“There's something that's been bugging me all this time. We're here together...”

“Mmm, here together,” Christina interrupted and snuggled up closer.

I can feel you right through that dress. And you know I can. “Christina, I'm trying to be serious here.” He gave up and held her just a little bit tighter. It felt good. Really good.

“OK I got it. You were saying?” But she didn't let go.

“You and Kyoko went to middle school for one year, just like me.”


“Doesn't that mean we probably arrived here at the same time?”

Christina did let him go at that. “Yes, when you put it like that. Yes I guess so.” She took a bite of her candied apple.

They moved away from the stalls a bit. The fireworks were about to start, and he wanted a spot from where they could see them better.

“So I wonder, what happened to you. I mean back in Sweden?”

“You mean how I arrived here?”


She looked thoughtful. “I needed a break, so I was out hiking. You see I got this really nice invitation to a spa, and… Ulf?”

“You got this really nice invitation?” He felt the blood drain from his face.

“Ulf, what's wrong?”

“Later, we'll talk about that later, OK?”

“OK. Anyway, I got a bit lost and the wind got stronger. I found a funny cabin built into a mountainside and thought I could get shelter there.”

I saw her. There was a woman outside when I looked out the window. I tried to wave her inside. “That was you! You didn't see me so I went outside, and, well.”

“You were in that cabin?”

“Yes. And then I went out, and...”

“...then you were on that hillside. Naked I guess?” Christina combed her hair with her fingers. “Wearing only this,” she added and grinned at him.

“Yeah.” That was slightly embarrassing.

“There were these two, eh, Jeeps?”

“ATV. One came for me and I saw the other vanish over a crest.”

“There you have it I guess.”

“Someone knew we were coming. They waited for us. Should have known. Nakagawa basically told me.”

“Principal Nakagawa?”

“Yes. There's something big going on, and I hate being clueless. He's more than just a principal, but you know that already.”

Christina nodded. “You said you wanted to talk about something later.” She went ahead of him and turned and circled in her dress so it billowed out. Everything was graceful with her.

“The invitations. I got one as well. Guess where that leads us.”

“Someone knew? Back home?” She curtsied and shot him a coy smile. It was apparent she didn't care all that much for the topic he had chosen for the conversation.

“Believe in double coincidences much?”

Christina shook her head. “That makes me afraid. Please, not today. Let's watch the fireworks! Today I want to be sixteen with my boyfriend. Today I'm just a schoolgirl in love.”

She looked at him. Even in the darkness her eyes were the deepest blue. Falling in love. Those eyes. If I fall I'll surely drown. He wanted to resist. He wanted to give in. Christina's presence was intoxicating. He was already falling.

He hugged her closer. Then he kissed her. “For today, teenagers in love. I can do that,” he murmured in her ear. Then he kissed her again. She tasted of candied apple.

The night lit up with man made thunder. Flowers in the sky. He sought her lips again. So sweet!

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