Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Chapter three done

As the title says.

I've added the finished chapter to the sidebar.

There's something in the kind of software development methods I prefer, that's called 'cadence'. Basically the rythm of your work. A steady beat that allows you to feel in your body that you're on track. Or at least feel when brown matter hits the fan.

Writing has its own cadence. For me it's finding those two hours every day. Not always two hours in a block, but two hours.

Obviously it's better when I get a neatly shrink-wrapped two hour long timebox, but with two preschooler kids that belongs in the santa claus departement along with the rest of my pipe dreams.

I've also found out that my scenes average around 1000 words. Sure, they swing wildly, but when all is said and done (would that be better as 'written and done'?) I have around ten scenes to a chapter.

Well, signing off. Tomorrow I'll post the short frame scene that starts chapter four.

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