Thursday, 28 May 2015

Chapter five (segment twelve), twenty four years earlier, June, Noriko

Ryu-kun scampered up a nearby fence. After that he took a measuring look at the tree. Then he was flying through the air.
Noriko gasped. “Careful bro!”

Ryu-kun hadn't misjudged. He caught a branch with his hand, and on the upward swing he hugged the trunk with his legs. After that he vanished up the canopy like a monkey.

“Sorry, can't see them,” came a shout from the treetops.

“What about Kyoko-chan and Yu-kun?” Noriko shouted back from the ground. She couldn't see her brother even though he was up there somewhere. Multiple lanterns bathed the tree in a fairy tale reddish light and threw strange shadows around so it was difficult to see what was a shadow and what was a branch.

“No good. Kuri-chan. I hoped to see her hair, but the other two, sorry.”

The tall girl with golden hair. Yes she could understand why he thought it easier to find her in the crowd.

“Come down! I want something to eat. We'll try to find Sho-kun and the home-made brothers.”

She heard rustling from above, and after a while she could see her brother vaulting down between branches as if he had been walking a wide bridge.

When he finally was by her side again she shrugged. “Stuck with you this year as well. I've had worse. At least your harem isn't here.”

Ryu gave her a guilty look.


And another one.

“You suck.”

“Wakayama-san, over here! I've found him!”

“Ryu-kun, super! You look great!”

“Isn't that my line?” He had the good graces to at least give her a third look.

Then she saw something interesting. Oh. The bet is off then. And the motor mouth of all people won. Pity, my money was on this day, but I had higher hopes for you Kyoko-chan.

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