Monday, 4 May 2015

Current status

In the end it turned out chapter three had to be eight segments. I needed one extra scene for continuity, which is the most recently posted.

Besides, it gave me a reason to give Amaya at least a modicum of screen time.

Two more story-posts and chapter three is finished, and that takes me halfway through book one.

Chapter four is done, even though it still needs some editing. And in my dreams that won't create a change in content. Yep, right...

Chapter five, this far, is a lot more fragmented, but I have a full two weeks worth of segments already written before I hit that hurdle.

Those of you who have bothered with checking word count should have noted that I rather strictly run both the finished characters to around 10 K words. Chapter three will be no different.

I'm a bit unclear as to why the (translated) light novels I've read stick to the 10 K per chapter, and around six chapters per book/volume, but as I'm trying to ape that publication-genre, well, 10 K words it is, and just about 60K per book.

That leaves me with about 13 K words worth of 'space' in chapters five and six. 13 K words to wrap it up. Given the current pacing it should work out just fine.

I'm waiting for Murphy to pop up from somewhere and bite my rear. Always trust Murphy.

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