Friday, 1 May 2015

Chapter three (segment four), twenty four years earlier, May, Ulf

The student council president gave him a cold stare.

“State your errand!”

“I am, we are...”

“We're applying for a new club to be formed,” Christina interrupted him. “I'm its acting president, and Hamarugen-san here is my vice president.”

“This school already has all the clubs it needs.”

This was his cue. “The Sengoku Cultural Studies is down to a single member.” Because three of them prematurely withdrew their memberships yesterday.

The council treasurer nodded in affirmation when asked by the president.

The treasurer took over the interview. “So, a club for cultural studies then?”

“Yes, we want to form the Himekaizen Cultural Exchange Club,” Christina said as if it had been her idea from the beginning.

You've got some guts girl! Now it's just a matter of how well you remember my priming on the way up here.


“Yes. Cultural exchange with a sister club in Sweden. We'll learn each other's cultures from a high school point of view. I have high hopes for members improving their skill with the English language as well.”

“You want to replace a club due to its low membership. Do you have any members?”

“Five this far. We count on gaining more.”

“I bet you are,” the president said. She moved her cold stare from Ulf to Christina. If anything it grew even colder.

Doesn't take an Einstein to know what she's thinking. Christina as president for a thinly disguised fan-club of hers.

Christina apparently knew which game was being played as well. “Wakayama Noriko has joined the club, and she will make her brother a member as well.”

Make him a member. Do you have any idea how accurate your poor Japanese just happened to be? Ulf smiled gleefully. I've seen battle tanks I'd rather face than that Noriko girl.

The council president coughed. “You're recruiting Wakayama Ryu?” She managed to blush and pale at the same time.

“Yes, and after that we plan to increase the number of members.”

Ulf turned so he could only be seen by the council treasurer. Said treasurer had done the same, and now they shared a secret laugher that threatened to bubble up to the surface.

“After that you plan to increase your numbers?” the president echoed weakly.

“Yes, and we'll make a combined effort to convince the Swedish club to cooperate with us.”

“A, a, a combined effort?”

“Principal Nakagawa will act as our sponsor until we find a teacher.”


The treasurer was the first to snort, but there was no way Ulf could hold it in much longer.

“When they learn how we cooperate in Japan they can only agree.”

“When they learn… how you cooperate?” By now the president's voice was a mere whisper.

Ulf doubled over and clutched his stomach. It could have been fatal for their application if the treasurer hadn't chosen that moment to fall face down over his desk crying hysterically with laughter.

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