Monday, 18 May 2015

Chapter five (segment two), twenty four years earlier, June, Kyoko

Kyoko looked around when her name was called out. What now?

It was the class representative, Okada-san. A girl about her own length with short hair and glasses. She didn't belong to Ryu-kun's fan-club, and she most definitely didn't belong to Kuri-chan's. She was one of the girls who openly disliked the blond foreigner.

Kyoko could understand her to a degree. Kuri-chan was visible, very much so and she talked too much despite her poor Japanese. Which was a problem because by now Kuri-chan's Japanese had become good enough for her to put her foot in her mouth from time to time.


“Takeida-san, we're preparing for swimming lessons.”

Pool opening, yes that should be about now.

“We first years are assigned the duty to clean the pool.”

Kyoko could see where this was going.

“Each class has to contribute two students the coming Saturday. Those who are not yet members of a club or are members of a culturally oriented club are less likely to have a full schedule that weekday.”

Which was correct. The reasoning was perfectly sound, Kyoko admitted. That didn't make the prospect of cleaning out the pool any more appealing.

“Our PE teacher will oversee the work. From our class I have assigned you and Ageruman-san.”

There were more students in their class who could have been chosen given Okada-san's earlier reasoning but there was nothing improper Kyoko could complain about.

“I understand, Okada-san. Time?” Kyoko asked curtly.

“Saturday. Ten am. Do you know where I can find Ageruman-san?”

“I'll tell her myself. We have club hours after this anyway.”

“Thank you.”

Wednesday the first of June. The midterms were behind them and Kyoko was grateful Himekaizen had them a week later than most schools. She had needed that week.

This year it looked like the long weeks when you befriended your umbrella had already started, so the pool would already be moist when it was time for cleaning it out. That was a plus. The downside was that the cleaners would also already be moist when it was time for cleaning.

But secretly she was happy to have been picked out by Okada-san. After a prior run in with his English teacher Urufu-kun had been picked from 6:1 and Yu-kun had received the other spot due to guilt by association.

Kuri-chan wouldn't mind neither. She threw far too many glances in the direction of the left wing during breaks. Whenever it rained during lunch she ate her food in their classroom with destitution written all over her face but if the weather allowed. Well she certainly had the legs to compete with Ryu-kun sprinting down the stairs.

In short Kuri-chan behaved more like a lovestruck middle schooler than the second time high schooler she was.

Like I'm behaving all grown up. Gah! I know Yu-kun likes me. Not even I could be blind enough not to see that but I just can't bring it up after what I did to him.

Kyoko left their classroom and headed through the main building to their club room. They were planning Urufu-kun's insane outdoor dinner and bouncing ideas for a summer break field trip.

Soon they would have to wave goodbye to their Skype friends. Some of them forever but most of them just for the long summer ahead.

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