Monday, 11 May 2015

Chapter four (segment five), twenty four years earlier, May, Ryu

The larger than life midget had done it again. Now he stood here with five pair of eyes studying him with amusement glimmering in all of them.

Had he been that obvious?

Well, it was time to salvage what little self-esteem he had. The result of his confession was a given, but at least he could receive his rejection with style.

“Hamarugen-san, Ageruman-san,” he gave them both a bow, “you have heard my sister. It is my sincere hope she didn't offend you.”

“None taken,” they answered in unison. Their smiles told him they were more than aware where this was going.

“While she can be obnoxious sometimes, she is my sister and quite perceptive,” because apparently a blind bat could have seen me semaphoring my feelings, “and on this occasion she is correct. I confess that I have fallen for you, Ageruman-san, and I apologize in advance if that discomforts any of you two.”

Urufu-kun bowed as a sign of respect.

“I'm grateful,” he faced Noriko, “for your feelings, but I'm dating Christina.”

A blushing Kuri-chan turned to him. “I'm equally proud to have your feelings, Ryu-kun. But I like Ulf.” She blushed even more.
Damn, you're beautiful!

“Will the two of you accept our friendship instead?” Urufu-kun asked.

“Will you?” Kuri-chan agreed.

Ryu looked at his sister. She was hurting, bad, but she nodded. Both of them rose. “Yes.”

Then she turned into that explosive ball of energy he had grown up with. “Secret! Gimme, gimme, gimme!”

Urufu-kun and Kuri-chan roared with laughter, and they were soon joined by Yu-kun and Kyoko-chan.

“Secret, as promised,” they agreed after the mirth had quieted down.

That night, neither Ryu nor Noriko got any sleep.

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