Friday, 22 May 2015

Chapter five (segment six), twenty four years earlier, June, Christina

Someone bumped into her from behind. Christina took a step forward and regained her balance by the window in the stairwell.

“Excuse me!”

It was another student. A third year according to her uniform.

“Oh, it's you! I didn't know.”

Christina gave the third year a long stare. Suzu-something. She remembered her from somewhere.

“I apologise for my errors,” the third year suddenly said and bowed deep.

Christina got a good look at where her neckline dropped to where her cleavage was covered by the blouse. You were among those who attacked me! She studied the girl closer. Something was definitely off. Wait a minute!

“How old are you?” Christina asked the still bowing figure.

“Wh… what?” She rose.

Christina looked at her neck and hands.

“What are you doing in this school?” Christina shot off her next question.

“What do you mean. I'm a student here.”

“If you're eighteen then I'm the princess of Japan.”

That hit home. But what is that woman doing here, wearing our uniform an all? The girls attacking her had been suspended for a week or so. That was all. No police, no nothing. But this...

“What do you...”

“Drop it! I'm sure the police would be very interested in your...” What's that damn word again? “Your id.”

“I don't understand what...”

“I said drop it. I'll talk with Ulf Hammargren. He's good at digging things up.” If you call my bluff I'm busted. But there really is no way in hell you're under twenty.

“I can't say anything. Do whatever you want.”

Christina didn't dare push it any more right now. She left and went in search for Ulf. He was most probably in their club room planning a garden part for the middle of the Japanese rain season.

In Sweden, Moron-sama. Nori-chan got that part right, about Moron-sama. 'It's mandatory in Sweden.' You idiot! How do you plan to have them eat sour milk mixed with boiled potatoes and salty herring? Hammer it down their throats? And I even backed him on this!

Sometimes his 'we do it like this in Sweden' really frayed her nerves. He could get used to doing some 'like in Sweden' himself. Like telling her he loved her would be a good start.

As it was now he only made her nervous, and flustered, and all warm inside, and… But that wasn't the point. That was her falling uncontrollably in love with him. She knew that. There was no returning now.

Twice before. When I was fourteen, the first time, and when I was twenty. Twice. She shook her head while she half-ran through the corridor. I promised myself I'd never allow myself to be that stupid again. Christina stopped just outside the door. Ulf, damn you! I'm falling so hard for you I don't know what to do any longer.

She needed to open that door. They were already dating, weren't they? There was no reason for her to feel this uncertain, was there?

Then she found her resolve. Right now she needed his strength and arrogance more than his love. She pulled the door open.

“Ulf, we need to talk.”

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